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20 Genius Works of Art That Will Make You Smile

20 Genius Works of Art That Will Make You Smile

Bright Side invites you to our virtual gallery to view a collection of the best works produced by talented people all over the world.

Papeete, Tahiti

Artist: Еduardo Kobra

Casuarina, Peru

Artist: JADE

Tauranga, New Zealand

Artists: Hula

Papeete, Tahiti

Artists: Seth Globepainter and HTJ

Calais, France

Artist: Banksy

Miami, USA

Artist: INTI

Stockholm, Sweden

Artist: Yash

Montreal, Canada

Artist: Emmanuel Jarus

Oslo, Norway

Artist: Julien de Casabianca

Lodz, Poland

Artist: Alexis Diaz

Montreal, Canada

Artist: Seth Globepainter

Ordesa, Spain

Artist: SPOK

Bobowa, Poland

Artist: NeSpoon

Turin, Italy

Artists: Rems182 and Fabio Zanino

Sliema, Malta and Sapri, Italy

Artist: MTO

Bristol, United Kingdom

Artist: Dale Grimshaw

Paris, France

Artist: Zag and Sìa

Saint-Etienne, France

Artist: Oakoak

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Artist: Martin Ron and THG


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